About Pilates Method

A physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Josheph H. Pilates, after whom it was named. He called his technique 'Contrology'. In the late 1980's, Pilates became more and more known by public. Today millions of people worldwide practice his exercises and it keeps growing because of it's numerous benefits.

It would be endless to list all the positive effects, but in a non-exhaustive way I try to show you some important ones:

  • Pilates exercises are suitable for everyone - men, women; young, old; fit or unfit
  • Increases metabolism, promotes respiratory and circulatory function and improves bone density and muscle tone
  • Reduces stress by encourages "centering"
  • Improves balance, coordination, postural alignment and breath-control whilst balancing out muscular asymmetries because the exercises work to simultaneously develop muscular flexibility and strength.
  • This total body system conditioning both body and mind to maximise the precision of muscle control, strength and flexibility in a balanced sequence
  • Pilates helps to prevent or heal from injuries

About Me and my Home-Studio

However I was engaged with sports since my childhood, I haven't had the opportunity to become a professional. So I have chosen to learn to be an engineer ... but I just could not sit long on front of the computer..haha :)

Swimming, running, interval training, road cycling and yoga was regularly part of my life and when in 2007 I have tried Pilates for first time, I realized this was what I needed ... I got more control and awareness to practice other sports and reached higher performance in any other activities of my life. These changes motivated me to share Pilates experience with more and more people.

I became a Certified Pilates Trainer in 2011 and finally was able to start my REAL professional journey.

Since the time continuously working on my improvement and getting deepen in healing and recovery options with movements and dietary changes. I follow vegan lifestyle since 2014 and believe that it was one of the best decisions of my life! 

I completed my comprehensive education by Polestar Pilates.

I started to run my Home-Studio in 2019 where I used to give private classes until mid of March 2020, using equipment's like Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair (by Xtend Pilates) and Spine Corrector  ...re-opened and closed again... and now I give personalized classes in a safe environment from the comfort of your own home. 

My goal is to share my commitment and love of body-mind fitness and health, to build it in everybody's daily routine as the most fun as possible. Wishing everyone to feel the same strength and happiness after every classes as I used to.

Others said:


“I started Pilates classes by Edith about 2 weeks ago. it’s really great. can recommend it to everyone 🍀”

Jennifer (after private mat classes)


“Thank you so much! Happy to have you as my teacher 💖👏…

…So happy to be back and continue to have classes by you 🤗😍👏”

Chanéqua (after private reformer sessions)


“Thanks for the workout. I feel much better and less stiff 👏…

…I had a great lesson too in this studio 🤗. With the instructions of Edith I learned the right movements with the assistance of the equipment. Really a different experience than on the mat. Thanks 🙏”

Carla (used to follow many mat classes…/and after her first one with equipment she said)


“Thanks again for another fantastic lesson today – you are such a great teacher and I’m so lucky to learn from u! Looking forward to lots of more lessons x June…

…Still my favourite studio in Amsterdam 👌 thanks for the great lesson today, see you next week x 💕”

June (said these about her private lessons using equipment’s)


“I love it! Thank you so much, Edit. My back is actually feeling good again today. Probably thanks to your good work yesterday. 😊🙏…

…That was perfect, Edit! Perfect intensity, good to break a sweat after all day sitting. 😅”

Margje (after some of her semi private mat classes… almost two years in a row)


“Thanks for the slow session, Edit...

…I felt good all day, Edit, thanks!...

…Thanks a lot, it was another very nice lesson today.”

Katie (feelings followed by her semi private sessions)



“Thanks for these, and the nice strong workout! Abbs are buzzing now 😊… I feel blessed to know you and train with you ❤…

…Yess! You make me feel soooo empowered 💪💃💪…

…Always a pleasure to train with you Edit! You make me feel so alive and empowered! 💫💕💫”

Marion (said after her private classes on Pilates equipment’s)


“thank you for organising it!! it was super nice!!”

Federica (after an outdoor mat group class)


“Yes I feel very comfortable in my bod now :D thank you Edit! 😙”

Bianka (after an outdoor mat group class)


Over the online, YouTube sessions (during pandemic):


“Lovely workout to start or end the day! And just right amount of impact for me to gain some strength again. Thanks Edit!...

…Thank you Edit! Your joy and positivity is amazing! Keep up the good work, than so will I, until we meet again in person <3”



“Just perfect for what I needed today. Thank you! ...Wise words and inspiring words as always Edith!”



“Goed gedaan..💪🍀”




I used to give classes in various studios in Amsterdam (until they were open) and later some live stream sessions, what you can watch on my YouTube channel.